An ocean model

The Center for Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences brings together a wide range of college faculty and students with an interest in applied mathematics and/or computational science. The center's activities include the use of the campus super-computer, faculty collaboration, student mentoring, undergraduate research, and lectures.

The director of the center is Professor Andrew Poje (718) 982-3600.

Activites Fall 2010 - Spring 2011

Symposium: Vortex Dynamics & Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics

A one day symposium, to be held at the CUNY Graduate Center in conjunction with the CUNY Initiative for Theoretical Studies. Information and schedule available here.

Continue Work towards a Masters Program

The CIAMCS faculty are working on a letter of intent for Masters Program with a Professional Science Masters focus. To find out more, drop us a line.

Expected visitors

  • Mohameden Ould Ahmedou, To be scheduled
  • José Antonio Carrillo de la Plata, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona from February 26, 2011 till March 2, 2011. Talk on Wednesday, 3/2</li>

Applied math seminar

Members of the center are active participants at CUNY's Applied Math Seminar

CIAMCS, For information call (718) 982-3600 or email poje [at] math dot csi dot cuny dot edu.